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Apprenticeships in Logistics

The industry of the future – your opportunity

Sending goods all around the world. By sea, air or road. Working out routes at optimal costs, dispatching or perfectly managing warehouses.

An apprenticeship in logistics is just as exciting as the world of logistics itself. Real experts are needed in every field.

Geis will make you one of the professionals: a structured and qualified logistics apprenticeship is waiting for you. You will master interesting tasks, regularly change departments and you will be personally supervised.

Take this opportunity. Become a part of our team.

Logistics is a highly interesting industry with great prospects. We can provide ideal job opportunities thanks to a well-founded apprenticeship.

Volker Kindler, Head of Human Resources

A great concept

Preprogrammed success: logistics apprenticeships with Geis are perfectly structured with tried and tested processes. Apprentices also receive additional vocational training.

Stay on board

Geis is a company which is continually growing in an exciting industry. After an apprenticeship in logistics your chances of being taken on are excellent and jobs are secure.

Be one of the best

Our apprentices are regularly amongst the top 100 of the renowned ‘Best Apprentice’ competition. Geis recently reach 3rd place in the top most successful training companies.

Apprenticeships in logistics

Discover the variety in a logistics apprenticeship. Show what you’re made of.

Administrator for forwarding and logistics services (m/f)

You pull all the strings: you plan, organise and direct goods flows all around the globe.

Office manager (m/f)

Plan, organise, manage: you make sure everything runs smoothly in the office.

Professional driver (m/f)

Always on the go: you get things rolling and deliver the goods right where they’re needed.

Specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f)

Everything under control: you pull all the strings in the warehouse. You plan, organise and are prepared to sort things out yourself.

Warehouse specialist (m/f)

You’re the man of action in the warehouse: accepting, storing and preparing goods for dispatch. Nothing works without you.

IT specialist for application development (m/f)

Find the best solution: you develop and program software to make sure the logistics processes run smoothly.

IT specialist for system integration (m/f)

Technology is your world: installation, operation, management. You are the expert for IT systems.