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Automotive procurement logistics

Just-in-time plant supply

Experienced and reliable: the Geis Group has been a regional forwarder for the industry for over 20 years, providing just-in-time transportation of suppliers’ components to clients’ production plants.

Services include pick-ups from suppliers from a precisely specified area, normally the transfer and consolidation as well as delivery to the production plants within a specifically defined time frame.

The handling of customer-specific loading equipment, reusable packaging and specialist racks with return delivery is all part of Geis’s standard service. Flexible, efficient and on the spot.


The extras:

  • specialist automotive technology (MEGA)
  • scanning technology for shipment tracking
  • time-phased transfer and delivery
  • flexible, volume-related solutions

The task

  • smooth transportation with fixed deadlines
  • collection from suppliers
  • consolidation and sorting of shipments
  • JIT delivery to plants
  • handling of empties and loading equipment

The solution

  • web-based transport request
  • transport processing using direct transportation or via a consolidation point
  • return delivery of reusable packaging and loading equipment
  • proactive information of any changes

The advantages

  • material flow to production plants can be easily planned
  • optimised time management using time-phased deliveries
  • high level of supply reliability for production
  • direct and fast communication
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