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Geis – an award-winning company

Bayerischer Qualitätspreis, DVZ Leo Award, Bayerns Best 50: the Geis Group has been presented with many awards for its services, quality and manpower.

The prizes which Geis has received in recent years alone speak for themselves: Geis is the partner who both employees and customers can trust. Due to its financial strength which was established on long-term performance, Geis is in a position to follow current trends. And that creates security – now and in the future.

Our awards show that we are moving in the right direction. We will also be able to provide our customers with innovative and high-quality solutions in the future.

Hans-Georg Geis und Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group

Awards in detail

The Geis Group, its employees, quality and services have received many awards.

Bayerns Best 50

Geis has been amongst ‘Bayerns Best 50’ four times. This award is presented by Bavaria’s Minister of Economy to companies with particularly strong growth. A special prize was given to Geis as training company in 2009.

Bayerischer Qualitätspreis

In 2011 the Bavarian Minister of Economy awarded Geis with the Bavarian prize for quality - the Bayerischen Qualitätspreis. This award is presented for exemplary quality standards and concepts.


In 2012 the German logistics journal DVZ presented a LEO Award to Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis. The executive managers were honoured as Business of the Year.

Best Azubi

In the ‘Best Azubi’ competition by the German transportation journal VerkehrsRundschau, Geis’ apprentices achieve top results time and again. Also in 2015, Geis reach 3rd place in the top most successful training companies.

IDS Quality Ranking

In 2014 Geis Eurocargo GmbH in Nuremberg was given first place in the quality ranking by IDS Logistik GmbH. In addition five of the total of six Geis depots were ranked under the best twelve.