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Project logistics

Right across India in 87 days

The project logistics experts from the Geis Group work all over the world. In India the Swiss affiliate General Transport AG recently handled the transport of a 360 ton generator from Europe via Mumbai to Solapur.

The generator arrived at Mumbai by sea. Geis then transported it by road with a low loader trailer to its site, which was over 600 kilometres away. A special transport container was produced on site specifically for this purpose. This increased the total weight of the convoy to 583 tons, with a length of over 68 metres. Three tractor units, each with 520 hp were put into action.

The generator reached its destination after 87 days on the often hilly road. Secure, safe and exactly according to plan.


The extras:

  • road transport in India
  • 360 ton generator
  • 68 metre long convoy
  • 614 kilometre route

The task

  • generator transport to Solapur, India
  • inland heavy load
  • sea freight to Mumbai, India
  • road transport to building site in Solapur

The solution

  • heavy load by road, barge and seagoing vessel
  • custom production of a transport container in India
  • creation of several bypasses to avoid obstacles

The advantages

  • turnkey transport solution with feasibility study for transportation by road, water and rail
  • including route inspection to arrival at building site
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