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Characteristics & Core Competences

The brand management of Geis

„Our brand has developed itself over decades and is based on longtime characteristics and core competences“, explain Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis one of the main assets of the brand image. With this, Geis is pursuing the objective of offering the best

end-to-end solution with individual advantages. Therewith, Geis is THE logistics partner who contributes to success and satisfaction of its customers and employees. The family business is using its experience and vision to develop the best offer and is pushing its energy towards best practice solutions.

By generating sustainable growth as well as solid financing, important developments can be accompanied reliably. Geis is offering a big strength in IT performance and is able to realize complex projects with flexibility and implement them with speed.


Core competences, consistency and stability in combination with dynamics and the courage to change are very important to us.

Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group


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