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Critical Aircraft On Ground Logistics

Making time-critical spare parts available as quickly as possible

A commercial aircraft with 220 passengers was grounded at Las Palmas airport during winter peak season and urgently needed the AOG solutions of Geis Air+Sea.

The required part was neither in the inventory of the airline, nor was there a supplier in the vicinity. The altimeter was ordered in Hamburg thereupon. Geis Air & Sea AOG desk received a call at 11pm from the airline to arrange the urgent delivery of the altimeter from Hamburg to Las Palmas by the fastest, but most economical way.

A Geis Air+Sea employee personally escorted the spare part to the final destination of Las Palmas airport. By using this OBC service of Geis Air+Sea, the urgently needed altimeter could be delivered punctually at 12 o'clock directly to the mechanics.

The extras
  • Aerospace experts
  • 24/7 AOG desk
  • AOG (Aircraft On Ground)
  • NFO (Next Flight Out)
  • OBC (On Board Courier)
  • Air Charter Services
  • Fast, secure and cost-effective solutions


  • Defective altimeter
  • Spare part not available from airline or supplier
  • Short-term order necessary


  • Decision for OBC as the safest and most economical solution
  • Especially safe and reliable: With our OBC service an employee of Geis Air + Sea personally escorts the spare part from the supplier to you


  • Punctual delivery to the final recipient
  • Availability 24/7
  • Individual solutions

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