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Dual Degree in Logistics

The best combination of theory and practical experience

Gain a degree in logistics or logistics management and at the same time get experience ‘on the Job’ – no problem with Geis.

The company offers ambitious high-school graduates the opportunity to take a dual degree in logistics. Connected to the company right from the start and always interchanged with exciting study blocks. Which means that specific knowledge of logistics and logistics management can be put into practice straight away. Always included: competent and individual mentoring by our in-house experts and management.

Bring your academic and your professional careers together – right from the start. Start a dual degree in logistics or logistics management.


At Geis students on a dual degree course get everything they need for a career in logistics. And that’s not all: the chances of being taken on are excellent.

Volker Kindler, Head of Human Resources

The universities

Optimal locations: Geis cooperates in dual degrees in logistics with partner universities in Fulda, Hof and Hamburg. This is where the expert foundation is laid.

The perspectives

The hard work pays off: many graduates are taken on after their studies. Even during their studies they receive a fair salary. Geis also covers all student fees.

The commitment

Every year: Geis presents the ‘Logistics Solution Award’ to the University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Prizes are awarded for outstanding degree theses in the field of logistics.


Many of our employees are making successful careers. Here they share their experiences of working with Geis. Read more.

Intern human resource management

Ann-Kathrin Rosta

Sandwich course logistics management BA

Martina Fink

Mitarbeiterin am Leitstand im Lager

Gabriele Frank


Johannes Rebelein

IT-System- und Netzwerkadministration

Mirjam Gerner

Head of customer service and shipping IT support

Tatjana Ott

Commercial apprentice shipping and logistics services

Melanie Lampert

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