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Full-service solution

All-in-one offer for high-tech equipment

Specialised transport, temporary warehousing, placement and assembly: the Geis Group bundles all services for the installation of complex high-tech equipment.

Even when picking up the equipment from the customer, Geis deploys special road trains and swap bodies. If required, Geis keeps the equipment cool during temporary warehousing. Geis works with absolute precision when placing at the site: shock to the delicate high-tech devices must be avoided at all cost. Finally, specially-trained Geis employees assemble, wire and cover the devices.

Full-service solutions are carried out by Geis all over Europe. Geis engineers even travel all over the world for assembly and installation.


The extras:

  • transport, warehousing and assembly from one single source
  • worldwide assembly
  • trained and certified engineers
  • close cooperation with the customer

The task

  • local inspection and commissioning of crane and scaffolding companies
  • transport from plant to place of use
  • assembly of high-tech equipment

The solution

  • availability of technical conditions
  • trained and certified employees

The advantages

  • complete solution from production takeover to placement and installation from one single source
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