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General cargo and parcel logistics

Intelligently bundled, from one single source

The Geis Group has developed an efficient solution for unsorted general cargo and parcels. The first step is for Geis to collect everything together with a vehicle. When the entire daily volume is bundled at Geis, the clever software solution comes into play.

The system, which was programmed by Geis, defines the best routing using the parcel or general cargo network for each individual shipment. The software also specifies intelligent bundling: for example several parcels of palletised goods are bundled and transported together using the general cargo network.

And last but not least: the system ensures that every recipient comfortably receives all daily shipments – with one single delivery.


The extras:

  • one pick-up for both products
  • one delivery for each recipient
  • intelligent interconnection of general cargo and parcel networks

The task

  • shipment bundling for low-cost transportation
  • one pick-up from the sender – one delivery to the recipient
  • monitoring of each individual shipment

The solution

  • distribution of parcels and general cargo in the Geis Group networks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
  • also all over Germany and Europe with fixed partners within the cooperative
  • Tracking & Tracing

The advantages

  • the sender can process and ship orders over the whole day
  • cost-optimisation with fewer individual parcels and bundled transportation
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