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Moderne Logistik mit Tradition

In zwei Generationen vom Fuhrunternehmen zum weltweiten Logistikdienstleister: Seit der Gründung durch Hans Geis 1945 wachsen wir kontinuierlich – und bleiben dabei ein unabhängiges Familienunternehmen.

Unsere Kunden sind die Basis für den Unternehmenserfolg, deshalb sind wir immer genau dort, wo wir gebraucht werden. Wir investieren in wachsende Märkte, finden innovative Lösungen und weiten unseren Service stetig aus.

Durch neue Ideen und den Einsatz moderner Technik werden wir komplexen Anforderungen gerecht und gewährleisten höchste Qualität. So bieten wir jederzeit das beste Gesamtpaket an individuellen Vorteilen. Nicht zu viel, nicht zu wenig – sondern perfekt passend.


Seit mehr als sechs Jahrzehnten trägt Geis als Logistik-Partner zum Erfolg und zur Zufriedenheit seiner Kunden und Mitarbeiter bei.

Hans-Georg Geis und Wolfgang Geis, geschäftsführende Gesellschafter der Geis Gruppe


The Geis Group has renamed its German project logistics company, which was established in March 2019. Since 13 January 2021 the Nuremberg-based General Transport (CH) Project GmbH will operate under the name Geis Projects GmbH. The name change does not affect the Swiss Geis company General Transport AG, whose name has been established for decades in Switzerland for special transports and will remain in place.



In the first half of 2020, Geis further strengthened its Czech road network. A branch office in Bravantice in the east of the Czech Republic is new. In addition, the central hub in Modletice was significantly expanded.


In spring, the Geis Group subsidiary Bischoff International GmbH takes over the Lichtenfels site of Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG and thus further expands its own land transport network. Since 1 April 2019, the subsidiary has been trading under the name of Geis Bischoff Logistics GmbH. In order to strengthen in-house customs expertise, the customs clearance agency Kaltenbach + Weiss, based in Wheil am Rhein, was also taken over by Geis subsidiary General Transport AG in summer.


In May Geis inaugurates a new logistics and technology centre in Gochsheim near Schweinfurt. Extensive storage capacities and modern office space offer ideal conditions for complex logistics tasks. In addition, the Air + Sea business division was again significantly expanded with the acquisition of the air and sea freight operations of Müller + Partner GmbH in Germany and TAS Transport and Service GmbH.


In 2017 for Geis all signs point toward growth: first the expanded logistics building in Kuernach near Wuerzburg Shows off with twice its capacity and in the middle of Poland a new cetral hub for General cargo is opened.


In December 2016 Geis expands in the Czech Republic with the opening of a new b2c warehouse. Geis is doing the whole e-commerce logistics there for a well-known customer. Also the Company Geis Solutions CZ s.r.o. was founded.


Two acquisitions mean Geis can now provide all logistics services with a comprehensive coverage of Poland: in January Geis takes over the overland transportation and contract logistics specialists ET Logistik. And from March onwards, K-EX, one of the largest parcel and courier service providers in Poland, belongs to the Geis Group. In Fulda/Eichenzell Geis officially starts operating the new handling terminal on 30 April, which increases the capacity of this region three-fold.


On 1 January Geis expands the polish network with three locations and 80 employees by taking over Logwin Solutions Poland. At the start of July Geis ceremoniously opens the new logistics centre in the Thuringian town of Seubtendorf. In the Czech Republic, from the middle of the year onwards, Geis provides the largest private network of parcels offices in the country with around 450 ‘Geis Points’. The subsidiary in Satteldorf operates in a new, state-of-the-art handling terminal from September onwards.


Vier Geis-Niederlassungen platzieren sich beim Quality Ranking von IDS unter den Top 5. Ende Juni weiht Geis das neue zentrale Paket- und Stückgut-HUB für die Slowakei ein. Zum 1. Juli übernimmt Geis die Niederlassungen Gochsheim/Schweinfurt, Nürnberg und Ludwigsburg von Logwin. Ebenfalls zum 1. Juli übernimmt Geis die polnische Landesgesellschaft von Quehenberger mit sieben Standorten und schafft damit die Basis für ein polenweites Netz.


At the start of the year Geis launches a new service: the transportation, warehousing, positioning and installation of high-tech equipment such as MRI scanners, all from a single source. In early March Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis are presented with the LEO Award for Business of the Year by the DVZ. In September Geis concludes the extension of the forwarding plant at the Ohrdruf location, which now operates as Geis Eurocargo GmbH.


In March Geis receives the Bavarian award for quality, the Bayerischen Qualitätspreis, in the category ‘Business-orientated service provider’. In its logistics and technology park in Erlangen-Frauenaurach, the Geis Group starts operating the first multi-user logistics centre in April. From April onwards the Swiss General Transport AG belongs to Geis. It is focussed in particular on project logistics. In October a logistics terminal is added to the location in Kürnach.


The Geis Group continues to grow: at the start of June Geis takes over the running of the new central warehouse for the garden and forestry equipment manufacturer Husqvarna Group in Ostrava. The distribution of products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is also carried out by Geis. In addition, Geis expands its commitment in East Europe on 1 November by taking over the internationally operating Czech logistics service provider Feico.


On 1 June Bischoff International takes over the customer transactions in national overland transportation from Militzer & Münch in Hof and Saalfeld. Geis expands the Logistics Services field in July with the acquisition of M&M logistics & trade GmbH and its four operative locations in Hof and Marktredwitz. Also, the Geis Group expands its range of services in August when it takes over the packaging company Georg Lechner GmbH in Oberhaching.


Network expansion in Germany and the Czech Republic: in January Geis officially opens the logistics and technology centre in Forchheim. Geis is now also represented with a subsidiary in Satteldorf near Crailsheim: the Road-Terminal opens on 1 April. In July General Parcel Čechy starts operating the new parcel hub in the Czech town of Chomutovice near Prague. A state-of-the-art logistics terminal is opened in November in Brünn.


In June Geis is presented with the award ‘Bayerns Best 50’ for the third time. On 12 September the new World Distribution Center (WDC) is ceremoniously opened together with Siemens Healthcare in Neu-Isenburg. Geis runs the 18,000 square metre plant and carries out the entire distribution and returns logistics under one roof.


A wave of expansion from 1 January onwards: the Geis Group takes over three companies, thereby strengthening its long-term position in central Europe. Firstly the forwarding agency Bischoff, based in Naila and three additional subsidiaries. Secondly, the Slovakian company TEN Expres, which provides general cargo, parcel and logistics services. And finally the airfreight and sea freight specialists Cantrans in Warsaw, Breslau and Vienna.


Geis continues to take advantage of opportunities in eEastern Europe: a new hub in Modletice starts operating in May. This increases Geis CZ’s turnover capacity in the Prague region three-fold. In June Geis is presented with the award ‘Bayerns Best 50’ for the second time. In December, all of the Geis Group's German locations are certified in accordance with Environment Norm ISO 14001:2004 for the first time. This makes Geis one of the few logistics service providers in Germany that have a certified environmental management system.


Geis also continues its course of expansion in 2004: in October the company officially opens a new forwarding and logistics terminal in Kürnach near Würzburg, doubling capacities in this region. In July Geis acquires the Würzburg-based Spedition Max Schürger, which is then integrated into Geis' Kürnach/Würzburg subsidiary. As part of this process the Slovakian Max Schürger subsidiary is also transferred to Geis. From this point the location in Bratislava operates as Geis SK s.r.o.


From January, Geis + Häring GmbH operates as Geis Eurocargo GmbH & Co. KG. The new name highlights the company's membership in the Geis Group and its specialisation in European overland transportation. In July, the Bavarian Minister of Economy presents the Geis Group with the ‘Bayerns Best 50’ award for the first time. Geis is now officially among the top fifty companies with the highest growth rate in the Free State.


Geis’ three Czech companies Geistransport, ISL and Autopost-Expres are now merged into Geis CZ s.r.o. With around 400 employees, Geis CZ offers its customers real one-stop shopping at 12 locations: national and international forwarding, logistics and parcel services. Geis now carries out global Air + Sea Services and Logistics Services together with SDV in the newly founded joint venture Geis SDV.


With the takeover of Häring GmbH & Co. KG’s general cargo activities in Nuremberg, the Geis Group is now partner in the general cargo cooperation IDS in the Nuremberg area. With now three locations in the IDS cooperative, the business field Road Services gains a strong presence in the important economic area of central and southern Germany. Geis also expands in surface area and IT systems in the business field Logistics Services.

1996 - 2000

Geis founds three companies which focus on complex logistics projects: Geis Industrie-Service GmbH in Nuremberg, TSG Logistik GmbH in Thuringia and ISL s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. In March 1999 Geis takes over Geis AUTOPOST-EXPRES s.r.o., adding eight new locations in the Czech Republic. The takeover of all Jacky Maeder offices in Asia in May 1999 emphasises Geis’ commitment in the Far East.

1990 – 1995

Geis focusses strongly on the East: in May 1990 the Thüringer Speditionsgesellschaft starts business in Ohrdruf. With the foundation of Geistransport s.r.o. in 1991, Geis is also active in the Czech Republic. In 1992 Geis sets up ILS-EAST, a cooperative for Eastern European transportation, together with 17 partners. Geis enters the Czech parcel market in 1994 with the affiliate General Parcel Čechy.

1980 - 1989

A decade characterised by creating comprehensive networks. In 1981 Geis gains the IATA agent agreement and founds the airport office in Nuremberg in 1982. In Singapore the company Geis Cargo Far East is successfully started, laying the foundation for further Geis developments in Asia. By joining the IDS cooperation in 1989, Geis sets the way for comprehensive overland transportation in Europe.

1970 - 1979

The move to modern forwarding: warehousing, order picking and shipping become important business fields. On 1 March 1971 Geis’ younger son, Wolfgang Geis, starts working at the company as business economist. From very early on, Geis starts investing in modern procedures such as swap body technology and introduces data processing as early as 1974. At the same time Geis starts looking towards internationalisation and ships its first sea container to Singapore in 1975.

1960 - 1969

The sixties are the years of great expansion for the transportation company. On 1 April 1963 Hans-Georg Geis joins his father’s company as a freight forwarding clerk. Geis enters in the warehousing business. In 1964 the first handling plant is erected in Bad Neustadt with an area of 300 square metres.

1950 - 1959

In the fifties Hans Geis extends his fleet to 22 units and employs 35 members of staff – including the family who are actively involved. A large number of trips go to the Nuremberg area, so the first subsidiary is founded there in 1959. This signals the start of regular scheduled transportation between Bad Neustadt and Nuremberg, the capital of the Franconian region.

25. August 1945

Back in 1945 Hans Geis has founded a haulage company under this very name located in the city of Bad Neustadt an der Saale. The whole capital assest was an old army wood-carburettor truck out of army stock, purchased with borrowed money. His first orders have been removal transports for privat customers to all regions of post-war-Germany. On April 12th ,1948 he has recieved official permission by regional council and has opened an office in the facilities of a lumber business.

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