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Logistics EMEA Hub

From Thuringia to all over the world

Efficient distribution logistics: at its logistics and technology centre in Seubtendorf, Thuringia, the Geis Group operates the central logistics hub for a world market leader in the supplier industry.

The Seubtendorf location operates as ‘Supply & Distribution Hub’: it is from here that Geis supplies several European production plants and ships spare parts all over the world.

Accordingly, the range of services is very broad: it starts with incoming goods and quality control. The goods are then inventoried, warehoused and when the customer requests, they are picked and shipped.

Customs clearance as well as returns and empties management are also included in Geis’s range of services. In addition, employees also assemble spare parts kits.


The extras:

  • specific conveyor technology
  • semi-automatic narrow-aisle fork lift system
  • navigation software for optimised fork lift operation

The task

  • central supply of production locations
  • central worldwide supply of spare parts
  • management of returns and empties

The solution

  • incoming goods processing with quality control
  • warehousing, order-picking and packaging
  • shipping and customs clearance
  • production supply and disposal via shuttle service

The advantages

  • optimised industrial plant supply
  • high-quality service at maximum cost-efficiency
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