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Fulfillment & E-Commerce

Efficient logistics for every order

The Geis Group will make a significant contribution to the success of your business idea, by offering a professional fulfillment. The customer can hand over complete logistics activities to Geis – or even individual

subsections. The range of services includes all processes: from checking deliveries to warehousing, from picking and packing to shipping. A daily delivery as per purchase order as well as managing volatile orders and returns management, are value-added services which can also be included in the modular fulfillment offer.

The customer stays always informed on the status of stock and goods movement via interface connection at any point in time. For maximum transparency. In realtime.


Picking, packing, delivering. Quickly and faultlessly. Fulfillment requires a great level of flexibility and reliability.

Erik Lassen, Managing Director of Geis Industrie-Service GmbH


Effective returns management is a competitive advantage for trade and industry. Geis ensures efficient handling with tailored concepts.


Whether serial numbers or batch tracking, monitoring best-before dates or special packaging: Geis bases its fulfillment entirely on the requirements of each commodity group.

Added value

A wide range of value-added services round off the fulfillment offer. Quality control, labelling, reporting, packaging management: customer satisfaction – provided by Geis.

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