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Parcel services and express deliveries

The whole package: fast and reliable delivery.

The right solution for transporting smaller goods: the Geis Group provides overnight, single-source parcel services,

courier services and express deliveries. Thanks to cooperations with strong parcel service partners, the Geis Group doesn’t just cover Germany, but the whole of Europe too. In the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, the company even processes parcel and courier services using its own network.

Short regular transit times: parcel services by the Geis Group are processed in Germany within 24 hours. But even destinations beyond the German border are reached quickly: for international parcel services and courier services the Geis Group guarantees regular transit times of only 24 to 72 hours depending on the destination.

We work together with reliable partners all over Europe. We are your point of contact for unlimited logistics orders.

Joachim Fink, Managing Director of Geis Holding
Head of Road Services

Parcel weights

In order for parcel services to run smoothly: national parcels may not exceed a weight of 40 kg. This limit is 50 kg for international parcels.

Overnight express delivery

For urgent shipments: overnight express services are also included in the Geis portfolio of courier services. National and international. With a fixed deadline, if requested.

Geis Points

For flexible parcel collection: together with a partner, Geis operates the largest private network of parcel offices in the Czech Republic – the so-called ‘Geis Points’.