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Geis professional drivers

More than a secure job

As a professional driver at Geis you are in direct contact with our customers. You have a varied area of responsibility and become acquainted with different locations and challenges. Thanks to regulated working

hours you will spend your after-work hours with the family or friends at home. In addition to good working conditions at Geis, you will receive special benefits tailored for truckers. Your vehicle is equipped with state-of-the art technology and provides security and convenience.

Last but not least, you are part of a great team. Appreciative handling of the trucker is as self-explanatory for Geis as attending interest to their issues.

Join our trucker team at Geis!

Our trucker are a significant component of our company and enjoy our respect and recognition for their every-day performance.

Christian Hackl, Head of Central Fleet Management

Good working conditions

  • Attractive salary package
  • Varied area of responsibility
  • Promoting qualification and continuing professional development


Modern vehicles

  • Modern vehicles in perfect technical conditions
  • Up-to-date state-of-the art technology
  • Fleet management with own Garage


Excellent team

  • Appreciative cooperation and positive working climate
  • Mutual respect and acknowledgement of the performance
  • Providing support by driving Trainers