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Project logistics

Experts for the exceptional

The solution for wide loads, heavy lift loads or the transportation of entire industrial plants: the Geis Group is an expert in international project logistics by sea freight, airfreight and on the road. Of course also in a combination of different transport modes. Geis finds the best solution for every project.

Cost budgeting, authorisation, customs clearance: Geis carries out the organisation and ensures smooth-running transportation with its choice of suitable modes of transport.

Geis also provides production and assembly services – with perfect teamwork between all the involved specialists. Nothing is too big, heavy or too complicated for our project logistics experts. When demands get more complicated, that’s when our competence becomes clearer – up to solving complex turn key projects.


Absolute care, high flexibility and expert competence: these are the characteristics of our project logistics team.

Stefan Wendl, Managing Director Air + Sea Services Germany


Successful project logistics starts at Geis with personal customer consultation. That’s how we develop the best overall solution. Sound. Competent. On target.

The concept

To optimise transport routes and modes of transport, to arrange authorisation, feasibility studies and to carry out physical surveys: Geis meticulously plans every project – always according to script.

The implementation

Project logistics is more than just transportation. Geis takes care of insurance and customs, packaging and load securing, disassembly and assembly.

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