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Operating responsibly – acting ecologically.

Climate change, environmental protection, resource consumption: global challenges for society and economy. As an international logistics company, the Geis Group carries a great responsibility. And takes this very seriously.

Even since 2005 Geis has been operating a comprehensive environmental management system – certified according to Environment Norm ISO 14001. Geis has also been actively involved in Bavaria’s environment pact, the Umweltpakt Bayern, since 2006. Its aim is to minimise economic environmental pollution through targeted measures.

In our everyday work, this means for example, using low-emission vehicles, saving energy wherever possible and organising the entire supply chain as ecologically as possible. Efficient. Future-orientated. Sustainable.


Environmental protection and climate protection are fundamental goals for Geis. We can only be successful in the long-term through sustainable actions.

Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis, Managing Partners of the Geis Group

Moderne Flotte

High utilisation, optimised consumption, latest emissions standards: with its modern vehicle fleet Geis reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Nachhaltige Gebäude

Ecology is the main focus of every building project. So Geis installs LED lighting and uses rainwater in its truck washing bays as well as roof lights for natural lighting.

Green IT

With energy-efficient hardware, trained employees and clever virtualization concepts, Geis also achieves a high level of sustainability in its IT departments.


Geis sets high standards and has received many awards. Find out more.

Security standards

Security and reliability in the transport chain are of utmost priority for Geis – and are certified according to globally recognised standards.

Quality management

The basis of all service fields: Geis guarantees a high level of quality. With standardised processes which are continually being optimised.


Performance, quality and manpower are on the everyday agenda at Geis – and have received many awards. See for yourself.


Business politics with integrity, respectful conduct, cooperative partnership: as part of its Compliance Management, Geis has defined a code of conduct.

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