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Johannes Rebelein

Logistics project management

After studying business management (BA) and logistics (MBA), I started working as an operational project manager at a logistics facility belonging to the Geis Group in 2011. I also took on my first site management tasks in this position.

I’ve been a logistics project manager since 2013. I price contract logistics projects, present quotations to customers and manage negotiations during the tendering phase. My other work includes implementing, supporting and expanding projects.

I act as a point of contact between customers and our departments, and people come to me first if they have any questions.

IT plays an important role in my job. I use a variety of tools.  

I work closely with all departments even in the tendering phase.

Challenges and opportunities

In contract logistics there is no such thing as a standard solution. A successful project requires individual planning that is tailored to the customer’s structures and requirements.

To achieve the best results, we in the project development team have a critical eye on current plans and decisions at all times.

My job gives me the opportunity to take charge of site management after planning and implementation a project.

Team and work environment

Within my team and between departments, people are very friendly and supportive in the way they work together. Other things I value at Geis:

  • a high level of personal responsibility
  • performance is recognised


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