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Martina Fink

Sandwich course Logistics management BA

I began working at Geis as part of an integrated degree programme. I’m currently in my second semester of study at the partner university. We alternate between stages of study and work experience every three months.

I’ve already spent time in two departments – sales and automotive. Others will follow.

In each practical phase I have to complete a piece of coursework. I discuss the topic with my supervisor in the company, but our own ideas are always welcome.

Without doubt, the main advantage of a sandwich course is its practical relevance.

Challenges and opportunities

Students on a sandwich course will find that having ambition and resilience as well as the ability to work hard are great advantages. These programmes are much more work-intensive than traditional degrees.

You can immediately apply the things you learn at university in the company and deepen your understanding.  

Coursework can be linked to current projects. Geis trusts students to deal with important company issues in that respect.

Team and work environment

Geis has made me feel very welcome, and I was immediately involved in projects. As a result, I quickly got to know more about the company and its processes.

  • excellent support
  • a growing company
  • an international environment
  • experience in very different areas



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