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Mirjam Gerner

IT systems and network administrator

After vocational college, I began an apprenticeship at Geis as an IT specialist for system integration and successfully completed the course.

My main job is now in IT system and network administration.

Every day, I make sure that everything runs smoothly as regards server and network management. I also work on the help desk, advising customers on IT issues. Additionally, I support various projects, helping to connect new branches, for example. At present, I’m also responsible for IT procurement on a temporary basis.

I frequently attend training, mostly for products that are used in the IT department such as operating systems and firewalls. There are also internal courses on topics like project management.

On the whole, my job at Geis is extremely varied, which makes it very exciting.

Challenges and opportunities

No two days are the same in my job. All the new tasks and new solutions that emerge make sure you stay flexible. That’s how it should be, too, because diversity is exactly what I look for.

An important challenge is to keep up with – or rather anticipate – the rapid development cycles in the IT industry. A private interest in technology is a great advantage here.

You can gain a lot of experience by working in different departments. I can easily see myself taking on more advanced tasks in the near future.

Team and work environment

Our IT team works perfectly well together, and it’s good fun to be involved. We got along very well for many years and are highly resilient. Other things I appreciate very much are:

  • the excellent team spirit
  • the use of innovative technology
  • continuous professional development
  • not just a desk job, but plenty of travel


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