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Time Critical Services

Tailored, time-critical transport solutions

With our ‘time critical’ product, we develop tailored logistics concepts that are entirely customised to the needs of our customers – and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether you need to move time-critical replacement parts, large machines, extremely urgent documents, unique prototypes or sensitive samples, we transport every shipment to the intended destination reliably, using the fastest way possible. Our customers not only benefit from flexible transport options, but also from individually optimised solutions.

Our expertise extends to transport solutions in the areas of aircraft on ground (AOG), on board courier (OBC), next flight out (NFO), air charters and special shipments in all industry verticals.


Our “time critical” product offers timely delivery and customised logistics solutions.

Stefan Wendl, Managing Director Air + Sea Services Germany

Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

Our AOG service ensures that the time & financially sensitive AOG parts are placed on first available flight and arrive without delay.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

NFO service guarantees that the routing with the fastest arrival will be chosen and gives the advantages of high speed, but without the need for an OBC.

On Board Courier (OBC)

If a personal delivery is required for an extremely urgent and highly sensitive shipment that requires a personal surveillance our OBC service is the best transport choice.

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