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Warehouse logistics

From order picking to shipping

Checking incoming products, storing, shipping and always keeping an clear overview: ensuring absolutely reliable customer support every day – that’s our task.

The Geis Group provides warehouse logistics in its own, cutting-edge logistics centres in Germany, the Czech Republic, 

Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. These areas are used by Geis for the entire range of inventory management: from procurement and distribution logistics, right up to returns and spare parts logistics. Geis also handles in-house logistics for its customers. Flexible. Competent. Customer-orientated.

Whether incoming goods or order picking, Geis guarantees top-quality thanks to standardised processes. Modern IT systems with individual customer connections ensure maximum transparency.

Whether multi-user logistics centre or customised new construction: Geis is your point of contact for inventory management.


Our full-service offer for warehouse logistics creates great customer value.

Eric Lassen, Managing Director of Geis Industrie-Service GmbH

In-house logistics

We take our warehouse logistics expertise to our customers: incoming goods, in-house transport, production supplies and shipping, all right on site. Precisely coordinated with each other.

Spare parts logistics

Speed and precision are decisive in spare parts logistics. Geis’s tailored concepts ensure maximum availability and short delivery times.

Procurement and distribution

Procurement logistics, including production, is carried out in our logistics centres – just like order picking and worldwide distribution.

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